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Shamanism Ireland Drumbeat Message - The Winter Solstice

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Dear friends,
As the winter sets in and each day deepens and darkens we are given an opportunity to explore parts of ourselves sometime hidden to us in the distractions of the summer. It can be a difficult time for many however when we come together in community and recognize this time and feeling, it can help us put a framework on how we feel and doing so in the presence of friends deepens the experience.
Our Winter Solstice Event this year is a day long workshop facilitated to create a significant ritual for this very reason. The day will include ritual on the sacred sites, stalking awareness, spirit boat, shamanic journeying to our spirit guides and a fire ceremony. We hope to see you there!
29th Nov-1st Dec, Dunderry Park, Trim, Co. Meath
295 incl. Tuition, accommodation and all meals
More info -
On this introductory course we will be using traditional shamanic techniques from around the world to explore the exciting and ecstatic realms beyond ordinary reality i.e.
Journey with the Drum
Celtic fire ceremony
Healing circle
Spirit boat
Creating a circle of protection
Stalking awareness
Spirit in the City Engaged Prayer
12th December, The Lantern Centre, 17 Synge Street, Dublin 8
15/10 OAP, Student, Unemployed

The next Spirit in the City will be a fascinating talk on the topic of Engaged Prayer with guest facilitator Stephen Pitcher. Stephen will talk more about the act of prayer and our own role and engagement in it. Stephen will review the characteristics of the type of prayer we are normally taught and his view on the shortcomings of this model from the perspective of both indigenous wisdom and quantum physics.
21st December 10am-10pm, Dunderry Park, Trim, Co. Meath
95 lunch and Dinner included, B&B 35
More info -
Sacred Sites/Druid ceremony
Fire Ceremony
Stalking awareness in Nature
Spirit Boat
Shamanic Journeying
Trance Dance
We are busy working away on the January issue of Network which will have some great articles on healthy habits for the new year, including detoxing and taking care of your body, alongside our usual mix of interesting topics! We are currently booking advertising, and if you have any courses, workshops etc. that you would like to promote through the magazine check or email this week!
If you are looking for holistic therapists in Ireland visit - with over 600 practitioners trained in a range of complementary therapies it is a great resource for anyone looking to find out more.
Kind regards,

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