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Shamanism Ireland Drumbeat Message - Soul Seminars this Thursday

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Dear friends,
Soul Seminars returns to Dublin for a Summer series of lectures starting this Thursday the 6th of April in the Powerscourt Theatre in the centre of Dublin. See below for details. If in the meantime you would like to read some inspiring and thought provoking articles, check out Network Magazine online with new content out daily -
WHAT - Soul Seminars - Discover your Inner World
WHERE - Powerscourt Theatre, Powerscourt Townhouse, South William Street, Dublin 2
WHEN - 6th April, 7-10pm
ABOUT - How to explore your own psychology and develop self knowledge.
COST - €15/ €10 Student, OAP, Unemployed
Presented by Martin Duffy, Jungian Transpersonal Psychotherapist.
Many people feel stressed, depressed and anxious about their own lives and the way of the world at this present time. Our focus is constantly being drawn outwards to external reality through social media, work, relationships and the current global crisis both politically and economically. The remedy to the existential crisis that this way of life creates for us is to do our inner work.
INNER WORK is essential for psychological and physical wellbeing, when we ignore the messages from the deep psyche, symptoms manifest in our everyday life as stress, anxiety, depression and problems in relationship.
"The psychological rule is that which we hold within ourselves, we meet in life as fate" CG Jung.
Whatever we are unaware of in ourselves, we act out in our everyday lives by manifesting our unconscious impulses, desires and woundedness.. At this first lecture we will explore different means and methods to heal our unconscious wounds that prevent us from living a more fulfilling and enlightened life.
What methods will you learn at this evening lecture?
How the inner world affects external reality
How to understand your dreams
How to take a shamanic journey and contact inner guides
How to use imagery and visualisation for healing
Past Lives/ Present Problems
Through this course you will be taken on a journey of self discovery and given the opportunity to explore the inner depths of your being while revealing your true potential. It is an open minded space with other curious and warm hearted people looking to discover new ways of thinking and living in our current society.
Network Magazine Online Advertising
This year we moved Network magazine online, where we will continue to offer cost effective ways to promote your practice, products, and upcoming workshops.
For more information please see
Holotropic Breathwork™
July 7-9 / November 10-12 Dunderry Park, Navan, Co. Meath
295 for tuition, meals and accommodation
Holotropic Breathwork™ was created by Dr. Stanislav Grof as a method to journey deeper into the non ordinary realms of consciousness, using deep and fast breathing, powerful evocative trance music and healing bodywork. Shamans and mystics have used the breath to access the healing potential of non ordinary reality for thousands of years.
Holotropic Breathwork™ leads one into an adventure of self discovery, self exploration and self healing. Participants have access to deep shamanic journeys, past life memories, merging with the cosmic mind, ecstatic and joyful experiences and mystical awareness states. Other experiences may include re-experiencing birth, release of energetic blockages caused by past traumas, and the healing of emotional and physical conditions.
This workshop takes place within a safe and sacred setting. Participants work in pairs, while one breathes the other sits and supports their journey. The Breathwork experience is also supported by group work and art therapy. The sessions typically last around three hours, giving adequate time to journey as deeply as you need to go.
Other activities will include Shamanic journey, time in nature, trance dancing and group sharing.
The workshop will be facilitated by Martin Duffy and team
Schedule: Friday 6pm - 10pm, Sat. 9am to 10pm, Sunday 9am to 4pm.
If you're a therapist or practitioner looking to boost your business in 2017, have a look at - you can list on Ireland's longest running holistic directory for €40 for the year, that works out under €3.50 per month and allows you to set up your own profile page, events, and classified ads. For more information email
To book email or call 046 9074455.
Martin and Team

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