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Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies

Shamanism Ireland offers training courses in the healing journey of Celtic Shamanism.

Here you can find details of Shamanic courses and classes available, facilitated by experienced practitioners in the ancient setting of Co. Meath, Ireland.

Shamanic Gathering - "Keeping the Lights On" **Sold Out**

Here is our 2020 Brochure pdf document(PDF 12mb)

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About Shamanism

Transpersonal Therapist Training

Train to become a Transpersonal Therapist pursuing credits awarded with each training module taken. Self-paced and accredited by The Irish Centre for Shamanic and Transpersonal Studies

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The Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies was set up by Martin Duffy to promote and research traditional and contemporary Shamanism and it is part of the Oaktree Charitable Trust based at Dunderry Park.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual and healing practice on the planet dating back 50,000 years. This tradition has grown out of humanity’s experience of evolving out of the earth and our intimate connections to our mother. When we journey into the inner realms through the doors of perception using our minds eye to explore the wondrous world of imagination, we can tap into the greater store of wisdom that our ancestors have accumulated throughout the milenia. This ancient wisdom can help us heal ourselves each other and the earth.

The way of the Shaman is the way of the “wounded healer”, to be human is to be wounded. Shamanic experiences are part of everyday life, the cycles of birth, death and re-birth are an intrinsic part of our reality. This pattern is repeated throughout our lives as we are continually being born into new experiences and dying to old habits, behavior patterns and belief systems.

The shaman uses ecstatic techniques to enter the shamanic state of consciousness (SSC) travel out of the body, make contact with spirit guides and power animals and therefore effect changes in ordinary reality, working closely with nature and the elemental forces. Shamanic practice and techniques help us reconnect to ourselves, each other, the Earth and to the great mystery that we are all a part of.

The Centre is based at Dunderry Park in the historic Boyne Valley, close to the sacred sites of Tara, Newgrange, Sliabh na Cailleach and Uísneacht.

Shamanic Vision - Earth Awareness

Ancient mystical and shamanic prophecies have predicted that the times we are living in will be an era of tremendous change. 2012 is the year that many people believe that this world will end and a new age will begin.

Earth TreeThe earth and humanity are experiencing a death-rebirth struggle, the contractions have started it is painful but the baby will get born.

We all have the opportunity to raise our awareness through various visionary practices now. Humanity needs to raise its collective consciousness to a higher vibration in order to awaken from this materialistic nightmare to a more enlightened vision of peace and harmony.

Human survival now depends on our consciousness evolution away from our predatory nature towards the state of grace of loving kindness and compassion for all life on the earth. Lights on

Shamans and mystics journey to the inner world to confront the shadow side, contact teachers and guides and mediate healing and visionary teachings for the community. In order to raise our consciousness we all must do our inner work, confront our shadow side, withdraw our negative projections and make contact with our true glorious divine nature

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Dunderry Park, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland. Tel: +353(0)46 9074455.
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