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Dunderry Entrance Hat On Drum


April 25th-27th 2025
(Friday 7pm-11pm, Saturday 9.00am-8.00pm, Sunday 9am-4pm)

On this course we will be using traditional shamanic techniques from around the world to explore the exciting and ecstatic realms beyond ordinary reality i.e.

  • Journey with the Drum to Lower, Middle and Upper World

  • Connecting/Communicating with Spirit Guides

  • Power Animal Retrieval

  • Celtic Fire Ceremony

  • Healing Circle

  • Spirit Boat

  • Creating a Circle of Protection

  • Stalking Awareness in Nature

  • Trance Dancing

The cost of the course is €395 for the weekend workshop. This includes food and accommodation.

Payments as follow:

  • €145 plus paypal fees Deposit-Non-Refundable payable when booking the course to secure your place 

  • €250 payable at the workshop

100 TTT Credits & CPD Points available


The course consists of a weekend residential workshop in a beautiful rural setting in County Meath close to the sacred sites of Newgrange, Tara and Loughcrew. We will be working together in the circle, creating a safe and sacred space to enable us to form a healing community. This Shaman's Journey workshop will introduce participants to some of the experiential core methods and ideas used by shamanic peoples all over the earth for thousands of years. We will be using traditional methods such as drumming, rattling and dancing to enter a shamanic state of consciousness, and connect with our power animals and spirit helpers. We will also be exploring how we can apply this shamanic way of working in a practical way for healing ourselves and others and connecting deeper into nature in our everyday lives. The online theoretical course The Elements of Shamanism' is a requisite for attending the in-person experiential' Shaman's Journey

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