Shamanic Drum with Triple Spiral Under Tree



On this course we will be using traditional shamanic techniques from around the world to explore the exciting and ecstatic realms beyond ordinary reality i.e.

  • Drumming and rattling

  • Trance dancing

  • Shamanic breathwork

  • Ritual and ceremony.

The course consists of four weekend residential workshops over the period of one year in a beautiful rural setting in County Meath close to the sacred sites of Newgrange, Tara and Loughcrew. We will be working together in the circle, creating a safe and sacred space to enable us to form a healing community.

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On this course participants will learn to work with death and dying from a positive shamanic perspective. Death and dying are often taboo subjects in our society whereas shamanic people embrace the positive healing benefits of making death your ally and teacher. Facing death as a part of life leads to a rebirth of a new whole self. Participants will also learn to work with death and dying from a personal and professional viewpoint using traditional means to become familiar with where we go after death, completing unfinished business, helping souls cross over the threshold between life and death, and acting as a guide for the soul of the dying to the other world.



From a shamanic perspective illness and disease come from three main causes: loss of power, intrusions, and soul loss. On this course participants will be taught how to restore power to their clients who are suffering from the symptoms of power loss. They will also learn how to see and sense shamanically, and remove intrusions using shamanic extraction techniques. The course also includes journey to source latent healing power, working with plant medicine, creating a healing ritual, diagnostic and tunnel healing journey, contacting a healing teacher, Celtic fire ritual and trance dancing.


Soul loss occurs when a person undergoes a traumatic event in their lives, such as loss of loved ones, accident or injury, separation, abuse, or any event that the person is shocked or hurt by. At the time of the trauma part of the person’s soul sometimes leaves their body as a survival strategy in order not to be totally devastated by the shock of the negative experience. Sometimes the soul part is reluctant to return to the person because it fears that is not safe to do so. Some of the symptoms of soul loss are feeling spaced out, numb, depressed, deadened, addictions and chronic illness. Soul loss blocks us from feeling connected to ourselves, to others and to the earth. Soul retrieval is an important part of shamanic healing work. Participants will be taught how to work with those who have suffered from soul loss, learning the techniques for tracking and retrieving lost souls and returning them to their rightful place. The course includes journeying to learn soul tracking skills, how to avoid taking other soul parts, retrieving soul parts for others and yourself, healing circle and trance dancing



This workshop builds on what was learned on the basic workshop with the emphasis being on creating community and deepening / intensifying the shamanic experience. The course includes finding a morning and evening ritual, shape shifting with nature , stalking awareness, shamanic healing techniques, journeying methods, use of drum and rattle, journey to ancestors, spirit boat, ecstatic journey, (dance, breathwork and journeying ), fetish fire ceremony, healing circle and trance dancing.

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